Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers Review

Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers

As someone who lives with hearing loss, you may have heard of Otofonix. If so, that’s no surprise: Otofonix is a leading name when it comes to over-the-counter hearing amplifiers.

The company led the way as a pioneer when OTC hearing amplifiers first came on the market in 2009. Since then, the company has maintained a strong reputation and has garnered thousands of positive reviews from verified customers. Because of this, we decided to have our researchers check out the best Otfonix has to offer.

For this Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers Review our team reviewed each of the Otofonix’s three main amplifiers.

We researched these popular devices for positive reviews, reliability, comfort, cost, amplification and special features.

We discovered that Otofonix has a lot to offer for those who are hard of hearing, but have been putting off buying a hearing aid due to the high cost.

Why Purchase from the Otofonix Lineup?

If you feel you can’t afford a prescription hearing aid, you’re not alone. A quality pair of hearing aids could set you back as much as a whopping $7000. (The average is $1000-4000 for basic hearing aids.)

Unfortunately, few hearing aids are covered by insurance. When they are, there’s often a hefty copay.

Brands such as Otofonix are working to change all that. Developed by doctors, Otofonix hearing amplifiers are designed to fit your hearing needs and your budget.

The three high-performance hearing amplifiers below have received rave reviews from verified customers.

Let’s have a closer look at what makes each Otofonix Hearing Amplifier unique and a great choice.


Otofonix Encore Hearing Amplifier

OTOFONIX Encore Hearing Aid for Adults and Seniors - Hearing Amplifier with Noise Cancelling - Hearing Aids - FDA Registered - Left

The cost of this powerful hearing amplification device is less than half of many comparable prescription hearing aids. This puts Encore in reach of hearing impaired individuals who have been missing out on enjoying a good TV show, family gatherings, work and entertainment.

Otofonix executives note that Encore is the company’s most powerful preconfigured digital device. When the optional ear hook is used, this model delivers up to 52 dB amplification.

This unique model includes both a front and rear microphone. Satisfied customers say this double-microphone design makes it easy to hear which direction sounds are coming from. That can be a big help in sounds seeming more natural and authentic (a problem with some hearing aid devices).

The Encore has advanced technology to convert normal sounds into digitally enhanced sound that’s easy on the ear while providing clarity. It’s also discrete and is nearly invisible when worn, customers say.

It also features single-touch control so you can adjust the volume without drawing attention to the fact that you’re wearing a device. That’s important to many of the customers whose input we took into account for this review.

As an added bonus, this hearing amplifier comes with a Telecoil feature. Use with the Hearing Loop System in busy places for background noise reduction. Conversation stays crisp and clear.


The Encore is one of Otofonix’s most popular hearing amplifiers. It’s a high-quality device that costs less than half of some comparable prescription models. Buy singly or as a pair and choose gray or beige. The device is said to be nearly invisible when worn.

We love the Telecoil feature to reduce background noise. It’s perfect for one-on-one conversation as well as large, busy venues (concerts or parties, for example).

Size 312 batteries are included. So are ear domes and tubes in various sizes so you get the perfect fit.

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Key Features

  • Very low price, so it’s within reach if you’ve been putting off buying a hearing aid
  • Tech-forward; includes background noise cancellation
  • Buy one or save by purchasing a pair
  • Discrete, easy to operate; conforms comfortably to the ear

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Otofonix Elite Mini Hearing Amplifier

OTOFONIX Elite Hearing Aid for Adults and Seniors - Hearing Amplifier with Noise Cancelling - Hearing Aids - FDA Registered - Pair

It’s amazing how much power can come from such a tiny device. The Elite Mini hearing amplifier is slightly longer than a fingertip –– it’s tied with the Apex Mini (below) as Otofonix’s smallest model. Yet this discrete little device lets you choose from 10 volume levels and 4 programs, all while remaining virtually invisible.

The Elite Mini’s 4 program choices include Normal, Noisy, Power and Treble. Adjust to your perfect comfort level no matter what setting you’re in. Designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, the Elite Mini amplifies sound for up to 35 dB peak gain.

The price on this model will make you look twice. It isn’t too good to be true, according to verified customers. At a fraction of the price of some prescription hearing aids, this device will boost sound when you need it most.

The manufacturer notes that if you have trouble manipulating small devices, a larger choice may be better for you. Most reviewers said manipulating the volume and program were easy and discrete.

Choose gray or beige and left, right or a pair.


If you’re a hearing aid or hearing amplifier wearer, it’s likely that you prefer a device that’s nearly undetectable to others. This tiny (fingertip-length) hearing amplifier is just the ticket. It fits comfortably behind the ear. With the ear tube and tip and place it remains “behind the scenes” while you experience increased volume.

Like other Otofonix products, the Elite Mini is doctor-designed. It has been built not only for performance but for comfort. The ergonomic design stays in place even when you’re active.

The price is a great point in favor of the Mini. You’d easily spend double or triple on some comparable-quality prescription models.

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Key Features

  • Very small size (about the length of a fingertip)
  • Perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Discrete; virtually undetectable when worn
  • 30-day guarantee, so that if this product doesn’t fit your hearing loss you can return it for a full refund

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Otofonix Apex Mini Hearing Amplifiers

OTOFONIX Apex Hearing Aid for Adults and Seniors - Hearing Amplifier with Noise Cancelling - Hearing Aids - FDA Registered - Pair

Get ready, here comes the Apex Mini! This personal sound amplifier was designed specifically to clarify the human voice.

Many hard-of-hearing individuals find that an inability to hear normal conversation makes them isolated over time. The Apex Mini brings you back into the center of the action by allowing you to hear what’s most important, satisfied clients say.

Like the Elite Mini, this device is tiny. When worn, it visually “disappears.” It tucks securely behind the ear so you can be active without worry.  

Manufactured with similar technology to pricy prescription hearing aids, the Apex Mini can be set to Normal, Noisy or Treble (feedback-reducing) depending upon the environment. Single-touch operation is easy to operate and won’t be noticed by those around you. The device takes a standard battery that lasts up to 7 days of heavy use, according to verified reviews.

Choose gray or beige and left ear, right ear or a money-saving pair.


This mini delivers maximum results. The Apex Mini is an extremely popular model among verified customers. It works well for mild to moderate hearing loss.

The Apex Mini doesn’t sacrifice quality for a smaller size. Hear conversations more clearly than ever before. Adjust the setting when you’re in a noisy environment to cut back on distracting sounds. Hone right in on the conversations you’ve been missing, and live your life fully again.

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Key Features

  • Very small (about the length of a fingertip)
  • Designed specifically to make conversation clearer, so you’re part of the action again
  • Price savings when you buy a pair (or purchase just left or right)
  • Discrete and amazingly comfortable

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Who is Otofonix?

For decades, the only hearing devices available to the public could only be obtained using a prescription. Then, in 2009, a court decision made the production and sale of over-the-counter versions legal.

Board-certified otolaryngologist Sigmund Ancerewicz was one of the very first professionals to design an over-the-counter personal sound amplifier (PSAP). Along with a colleague, Dr. Ancerewicz created a PSAP that he says he himself wears today.

The two medical experts decided to take their concept to the public. The result was Otofonix, a North Carolina-based company that addresses the needs of the hard-of-hearing with affordable products.

Hearing aids require a prescription and may cost in the thousands of dollars. Otofonix offers hearing amplifiers at a fraction of the cost. At the same time, they deliver exceptional results, company executive say.

Otofonix assembles its devices in China. However, the components come from the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Ancerewicz says the parts of each device plus assembly meet world-class standards.

In addition to highly rated hearing amplifier products, the company offers reliable customer service, instructional videos and a satisfaction-guaranteed returns policy.

Is it Safe to Buy an OTC Hearing Amplifier?

Yes, when that device is backed by a guarantee, warranty and a very positive reputation. Otofonix products have all three, making them a top choice among verified customers.

OTC amplification devices have come a long way. Technology once reserved for pricey prescription hearing aids is now available over the counter, but be choosy about picking a reliable item. Otofonix stands behind its products, promising a great experience or your money back.


Hearing loss can result in isolation. You may have found yourself saying “no” to parties or gatherings, or asking friends and loved ones to repeat themselves.

Meanwhile, you may have been putting off getting a hearing aid because they can be pricey, and because you don’t want it to be obvious that you’re wearing a device.

Otofonix takes care of all that and more. You’ll hear better than ever without annoying feedback or distracting background noise. And the choices are small and nearly invisible to wear –– all at a price that’s amazingly low.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of Otofonix hearing amplifiers.

It’s our mission to find you the best, most reliable products, while bringing you back into the conversation – and the best parts of life – once again.