Bean Personal Sound Amplifier by Etymotic

Bean Personal Sound Amplifier Review

Hearing aids are great. And amplification devices are an easy-to-buy alternative. But what if you just want a mild boost in the sounds around you?

Enter the Bean. Created by industry leader Etymotic, the Bean instantly “makes your world one click louder,” according to the company.

Better yet, it improves the quality of sound without setting you back $1000, $3000 or even more, as prescription hearing aids can.

The Bean personal sound amplifier by Etymotic is a huge step forward in affordable, digital hearing amplification. And it’s so small, it’s nearly undetectable.

Here’s what we found out about this clever little device that’s becoming a top choice among the mildly hearing impaired.

Etymotic QSA Personal Sound Amplifier

Main Features

The Bean is a thumbnail-sized device that fits snugly in the ear. It boosts high-frequency sounds, such as conversational speech.

However, louder background sounds aren’t amplified. This means better clarity of the sounds you want to hear, but no blasting of the ear with intrusive noise.

Etymotic says the device has been meticulously engineered to produce the highest sound fidelity currently available. Its 16 kHz bandwidth is double the bandwidth of comparable sound amplifiers.

The wearer chooses between two modes: normal and high. The device delivers a 15-23 dB increase in near sound.

There’s also a T-coil model with direct connection to hearing aids. This version gives 15 dB amplification.

The Bean comes in three colors and can be purchased singly or in pairs. It runs on long-life zinc air batteries.


What’s Included

The Bean comes with the following:

  • Regular or T-coil model Bean(s) in your color choice

  • An assortment of ear tips so you can find the perfect size

  • Filter removal tool plus replacement filters

  • Cleaning tool

  • User manual

  • Supply of #10 zinc air-style batteries

  • Leather carrying case

The above features are included whether the Bean is purchased singly or in pairs.

Etymotic QSA Benefits

Pros of the Bean by Etymotic

There’s a lot to love about the Etymotic Bean personal sound amplifier. Here are the top features that verified customers cite as reasons to own one:

The Cost

While there’s no price on hearing the voice of a loved one, prescription hearing aids can be quite expensive. Lower-end prescription hearing aids typically start at $1000.

Meanwhile, the bells and whistles that come with hearing aids may be unnecessary for if you have mild hearing loss.

For those who want a reliable boost of hearing at a great price, the Bean is one-third the price of an inexpensive hearing aid.

Long Battery Life

The zinc air-style battery delivers up to 12 days of use. The starter pack comes with extra batteries so you can give the Bean a decent try and see how you like its performance.


Speech Amplification for Mild Hearing Loss

The device intensifies near sounds such as speech by as much as 23 dB. That’s a nice boost. There’s also a 2-position switch so you can decide how much of an increase in sound you want.

Verified customers who have mild hearing loss and want to have clearer conversations say the Bean is just right.

Three Color Options

While many hearing aid wearers want invisibility, there’s a trend toward Bluetooth-looking, visible hearing amplifiers.

The Bean’s Brushed Gold color choice is said to be nearly invisible in the ear. The Silver is discrete and can blend into some hair colors, while the Bronze is high-profile and trendy.

You “Forget You’re Wearing It”

Quite a few verified reviewers say the Bean is so comfortable that they forget they’re wearing it.

The amplification of sound is smooth, and louder sounds filter through without being intrusive. The result is a natural, easy wearing experience.

Etymotic QSA Personal Sound Amplifier Size

Cons of the Bean by Etymotic

Not a Prescription Hearing Aid

Prescription hearing aids are fitted to the user’s exact needs. The Bean is a universal speech-sounds amplifier.

If you have moderate to severe hearing loss, you may need more power than the Bean delivers.

Requires Battery Replacement

You do need to keep batteries on hand for the Bean.

On the other hand, customers love that they get up to 12 days of use from one tiny cell. You won’t need to replace the battery as often as you do with some hearing amplifiers.

The kit comes with replacement batteries to get you started. If replacing batteries will be an issue for you, a rechargeable model might be a better choice.

Delivers Minimal Amplification

The Bean amplifies by about 23 dB when it’s on the High setting. It was designed by Etymotic to be used for near sound amplification (especially speech).


About the Etymotic Research Inc.

The word “etymotic” means “true to the ear.” That’s always been the goal with Elk Grove Village, IL-based Etymotic Research Inc.

Founded in 1983, Etymotic Research offers an impressive range of hearing amplifiers, earphones, noise dosimeters and headsets.

The company is at the cutting edge of hearing amplification research. They’ve been featured in respected publications such as the American Journal of Audiology and The Hearing Journal.

The Bottom Line on the Bean Personal Sound Amplifier

Customers whose hearing loss is mild love the discrete size and sound boost of the Bean. They also appreciate the low price point compared to prescription hearing aids.

The device can be worn comfortably in the ear and is virtually undetectable, according to verified reviews. Or you can choose a color that showcases the Bean in Bluetooth style. Etymotic Research is definitely helping to bring hearing loss to the public eye and allowing sufferers to get help without embarrassment.

If you have moderate to severe hearing loss, see your audiologist. If your hearing disability is mild, consider the Bean. Always make sure you choose hearing amplification that will keep you safe while boosting your quality of life.

For the price, we don’t think you can really go wrong with the Bean. It has the backing of a trustworthy company and real reviews from verified users.

Here’s to hearing better and enjoying those important conversations!