Eargo Hearing Aid Review

In this Eargo Neo review, we are going to cover many aspects of this invisible hearing aid including history, main features, pros and cons, what's included, and much more!

The Eargo Neo is a direct to consumer, in-the-ear hearing aid by rising innovator Eargo—an up and coming brand that's half tech company, half hearing aid manufacturer.

The Neo is designed for mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss, a common form of hearing loss that develops as we age, and may go untreated due to the stigma associated with wearing traditional hearing aids.

Sleek and modern in appearance, the Neo was made to impress, with its expert craftsmanship rivaling that of the latest high-end earbuds.

Eargo's mission is to design products that its users enjoy wearing, and the company takes this mission seriously.

Here's a rundown on the most important features of the Eargo Neo, along with a bit of information on the company's track record.

Main Features

The Neo is modern not only in appearance but in features and design, fully equipped with Bluetooth and cloud connectivity, along with a helpful mobile app that allows users to customize the device to their exact specifications (and communicate with a licensed hearing professional) seamlessly.

To reduce feedback and boost acoustic performance, Eargo has incorporated the highest available bandwidth into the Neo's core design, along with enhanced speech recognition capabilities over previous versions.

Unlike one-size fits all sound amplifiers, the Neo is an FDA cleared, dedicated hearing aid that comes equipped with four sound profiles customized by in-house audiologists who work together with customers to adjust the device to their needs.

Where battery life is concerned, the Neo offers an impressive sixteen-hour lifespan on a 6-hour charge, along with a thirty-minute quick charge option (making it a favorite among rechargeable hearing aids).


What’s Included

  • Charger
  • USB plug
  • Two large and two small Flexi Palms
  • USB C cable
  • Wax guard
  • Cleaning brush
  • Pair of two Eargo devices

Pros of the Eargo Neo


Among conventional hearing aids, the Neo's price tag of around $2,700 is a bargain, and this is especially true when one considers that the Neo includes two Eargo devices at a single price point, a key advantage over many 'affordable' alternatives which charge by individual unit.

As most insurance plans won't cover the cost of hearing aids, Eargo is happy to work with customers, offering monthly financing options and accepting Care Credit and HSA savings plans.

Invisible "ITE" Design

The Neo is a truly invisible, sleek alternative to behind the ear devices that offers unmatched comfort and ease of use.

Thanks to this discreet in-the-ear (ITE) design, the Neo's sound amplification technology boosts audio sounds directly from your surroundings—an advantage that behind the ear devices lack, as they are equipped with microphones that detect sound from the back of the ear.

Rechargeable Battery

The Neo features a rechargeable battery and includes a sleek charging case equipped with nothing less than what you would expect from a device which offers Bluetooth capability and mobile app integration.

Which brings us to battery life, where the Neo impresses with sixteen hours on a nightly charge—along with a thirty-minute quick charge option that yields 2-3 hours of use-making the Neo an excellent choice for users on the go and for those with an active lifestyle.


Eargo App and Personal Hearing Professional

Once registered with Eargo, each customer is connected with a licensed hearing professional and granted access to the company's comprehensive app, allowing users to customize their new hearing aids with ease and work with licensed professionals in the process.

Personal Hearing Professionals work with Eargo customers and alongside in-house audiologists to develop updated sound profiles and tailor the device to users exact specifications by phone, web, or directly through the mobile app easy to use settings.

Enhanced Audio Fidelity

Eargo Neo boasts improved audio fidelity over previous versions, along with a sound profile that is sure to impress the seasoned audiophile.

This boost in performance is thanks in part to the Neo's improved Flexi Palms, silicone inner earpieces designed to reduce feedback and increase acoustic response.

Along with improved Flexi Palms, the Neo supports a wider bandwidth than previous versions of the Eargo, further reducing feedback and yielding a better acoustic experience overall.

Four Sound Profiles

The Neo comes equipped with four sound profiles programmed by in house audiologists.

Users may access these sound profiles by simply double-tapping the ear.

When a preferred mode is selected, the Neo stores the information for future reference.

Personal Lifetime Support

Eargo goes a step beyond competitors by offering lifetime support for all of their products.

Customers receive an introductory phone call detailing the basics and addressing any questions or concerns about the Eargo Neo.

In addition to this introductory phone call, licensed hearing professionals are on hand to assist customers by phone, online, or through the company's mobile app.

Cons of the Eargo Neo

Some Users Report Unbalanced Sound Profile

While the Neo offers a robust sound profile overall, some users report that the device lacks in detecting ambient noise, and may favor one ear over the other.

While customized sound profiles may resolve these issues for many users, it should be noted that the Neo is fundamentally designed to detect speech sounds, isolating the human voice from ambient background noise (a perk where phone conversations and watching TV is concerned).


About Eargo

Eargo was founded in 2010 and is and up and coming innovator in the industry, earning a coveted spot among Time's Best Inventions of 2018.

Eargo strives to produce hearing aids that its customers want to wear, a statement backed by the company's CEO.

With a focus on modernized appearance, cutting edge design technology, and quality craftsmanship users can feel the instant they remove their first pair of Eargos from the box, the company's dedication to improving user experience is clear.

The Bottom Line of the Eargo Neo Hearing Aid

The Eargo Neo is a modern and discreet choice for customers in search of an in-the-ear hearing aid designed for mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss.

While users with more severe forms of hearing loss likely won't benefit from a device like the Neo, it's preferred among customers with the most common forms of hearing loss that develop primarily due to the aging process.

As mentioned, the Neo's price tag of just under $3,000 is a bargain where FDA cleared hearing aids are concerned, and customers don't have to factor in the cost of both pieces as the Neo comes equipped with two hearing aids.

Whether you're new to the world of in-the-ear hearing devices or a seasoned audiophile in search of the best acoustic experience available, the Eargo Neo is sure to please.